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I record YouTube Videos on a small channel called SwiftNinjaPro. I did a lot of gaming videos when I was younger, and now I’ve moved to web development. While this is a wordpress site, one project I am working on is rebuilding this website in a language called node.js. I have also developed a few wordpress plugins for various things, and I run most of them on this website.


Examples of plugins I’ve developed:

Smart Search: If you go to the url “/yt/vid” a smart search algorithm will auto correct it to “/youtube/video“. Don’t worry about making typos in the url 😀

Simply Better Scroll Bar: The scroll bar you see on this page (unless your on mobile)

Smart YouTube Embed: this youtube embed below. The plugin will automatically check if the video exists on youtube. It can also determine if it is a video or a playlist, just with the video/playlist id. The plugin will also check if that video id exists on twitch, if it can’t find it on youtube. If the video does not exist anywhere, the plugin can hide the video, instead of showing offline, or you can choose to show a different video in its place. In addition, the embed also has a nice border around it.